More Choices, LLC

About Ann Kelly

I’ve worked with children and families for 10 years in community mental health centers, foster care and public schools. Many have unresolved trauma and difficult life circumstances. I use evidenced-based and trauma-informed modalities. My style is interactive, participatory and collaborative.

I graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor’s degree and from the University of Northern Colorado with a Master’s degree in Community Counseling. I am EMDR trained, IFS (Internal Family Systems) Level 1 trained, and certified in Mind/Body Medicine.

A wise man, Carl Rogers, said that we heal in relationships.

I believe he was right. Whatever we do, it helps to see it through the eyes of other supportive, caring people. I learn something from every client I see. And when we work together, so much healing occurs! I would like to work with you and help you actualize your most amazing and beautiful self!

Photo by Ann Kelly

Populations Served

Individuals, Couples, Adolescents and Older Adults

I work with individuals who evaluate their current circumstances and may be interested in changing patterns. Possibly, these patterns worked well in the past, but no longer serve them as they move forward. Moving forward often triggers fears of change, and supports the development of self-leadership.

Older Adults

I love working with older adults because of the wisdom, curiosity, and experience that no other population has. And some of the realities of aging are tough. Physical changes, losses of friends, employment, mobility, and families separated by distance are inevitable. This part of the life span presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for incredible creativity. I have learned much from these lovely humans who work to find meaning with huge changes.

Disaster survivors and those affected by unforeseen circumstances. I am a member of the Disaster Mental Health Team in The American Red Cross, responding to disasters, both local and national. My work in this area has taught me that crises can lead to resilience and greater compassion.

Families & Adolescents (age 15+)

I’ve worked individually and with groups to build relationships and improve communication. When one member of a family is affected by a situation/incident, all members of the family are affected. Connecting with other people who have been through similar circumstances is profoundly healing.

COVID did a number on all of us. Before the pandemic we didn’t have to think about masks, remote learning, having our groceries delivered, working from home full-time or the realities of isolation, and mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, and relationship struggles, among others, affected us all.

Coming out of quarantine, many families struggled to return to their normal routines and reconnect with each other. Working with these people has been rewarding in many ways for me.

Veterans and Their Families

I am an Army brat and work with Veterans and their families as a volunteer in the American Red Cross, Service to the Armed Forces, and as a facilitator in post-deployment classes. I’ve facilitated groups of military personnel using a variety of resources. I’m certified in Mind/Body Medicine with the mission of teaching the connections between our environments and effects on the mind and body. Mind/Body Medicine has been empirically proven to help the military population deal with symptoms of anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress and other emotional and mental health challenges.